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The Most Common Questions I’m Asked!

Q: My pet isn’t very obedient…what if I can’t get him to do what you want?

The last thing I want you to be worried about is having to get your dog to “do what I want”.  Yes, it’s easy when you have a dog that will sit, stay, drop on command but to be honest some of my favorite images have come from sessions where the dog was completely disinterested in me no matter how tasty my treats were!   I’ve had experience with dogs of all kinds, from super obedient, to scared rescue pups and everything in between.  I always go into a shoot with my ‘wish list’ of images, but more often than not it gets thrown away after the first 5 minutes.  That’s the fun of pet photography…and it’s MY challenge to overcome, not yours!!  Your job is just to relax and have fun with your furbaby for a couple of hours. (oh, and if you need more proof that I’ve dealt with my fair share of challenging dog behavior, ask me about my crazy Siri basenji/lab mix!)

Q: What locations do you recommend for photoshoots?

The most important thing about choosing a location is that your pet is completely comfortable.  If your dog is nervous in strange locations, then I recommend doing the shoot at your home or a local park that’s familiar (and if your pet is a cat…we will definitely have the session at home.  If that’s not a concern, then the location we choose will depend completely on the type of images you’re wanting to capture.  Parks and beaches are always a great.  If you’re still not sure about where you’d like to have your shoot, I can help by recommending locations I know work well.

Q:  What should I wear to our shoot?

Again, this is completely up to you.  It’s all about you feeling comfortable…if you know you’d love to have images of you rolling around on the ground with your dog, then jeans are probably the best.  Solid colors are recommended, in case I have to remove a paw print!

Q: Why can’t I just get a disk with all my photos to print at a later date?

One of the things that makes custom pet photography so special, is that you’re not buying just another set of images that will after a couple of viewings most likely sit and gather dust on your computer.  You’re purchasing unique, personalized pieces of art that are beautifully presented and ready to be displayed.

Q: My pet is old/terminally ill and can’t really move around much, can we still have a photo shoot?

Absolutely!  I can work around whatever mobility level your pet has.  If it means we have to take close up shots of your dog in his bed to make sure you have a beautiful image to remember him by, then that’s what we’ll do.  One of the most amazing and humbling was being asked to capture images of a friend’s beloved dog during the last weeks of his life, and that is a big reason why I started Pawtastic Photo.  I will always do whatever I can to help clients with terminally ill or senior dogs, even if it means we need to schedule a session for tomorrow

Q: Do you require a deposit?

Most of my clients pay the entire session upfront, so we don’t have to worry about completing any financial transactions on the day of the session.  However if you would prefer to break it up into two payments, that is totally fine.  I require a non-refundable retainer of 50% of the session fee to reserve your date and time.

Q: Do I need to sign a contract?

Yes.  My contract outlines the services I will be providing, and details many things, including my rights to the images from the session.  I also require that you sign a model/property release for you and your pet(s).  These documents need to be signed prior to the start of your session.

Q: What if I have to cancel?

I understand that things happen in life and you many need to cancel.  Your retainer is non-refundable, however your deposit can be applied toward a future date and time.  Please give a 24 hour notice you if you need to cancel.

Q: What if the weather is bad?

I will contact you the day before, and if the weather is bad, we will work together to reschedule.